improving our customers’ business through contact machining and assembly of function-critical, highly-engineered products.


Tier ONE will help our customers succeed by understanding their needs and by providing innovative and cost effective solutions.

Tiers of Excellence

Precision Machining Assembly Inventory Management & Packaging Transition Sourcing


ISO 9001:2015

Tier ONE has the knowledge, skill and innovation essential to the Medical/Life Science Research Industry.

With over 50 years of Contract Manufacturing experience, we specialize in developing or improving the manufacturability of a design, while still maintaining the highest level of on time delivery and quality.

Experts in process enhancements, improving product quality and turnaround reliability

Our customer specific delivery systems and technical support set us apart. Our assembly and functional test capability is also a big plus to our customers. It lowers inventory, reduces the number of SKU’s managed, and reduces effort in identifying root causes if an issue should occur.

Cost saving strategies – lean manufacturing and effective inventory management

Our premise is flexible custom solutions, not applying one solution to all customers. We work individually with each customer to provide the best solutions.

Specializing in customized integrated solutions for function critical, highly engineered parts and assemblies

Our customers value quality – we demand excellence.

Surgical Instruments

For ultrasonic applications requiring tuning, lot code traceability, and tight tolerances

medical machining mechanical assembly centrifuge gyro

Medical Equipment

Providing concentricity, balance, flatness, and machined to weight for assemblies that rotate at high speeds.

External Fixation Devices

Including the assembly of multiple components either made on site and/or purchased components.