Inventory Management & Packaging



We run our manufacturing system as a pull system from customer demand. We use Kanban signals calculated from EAU and manufacturing lead-times. We track inventory by customer product line and continually work with our customers for information regarding their planned Daily Production Rates. We re-calculate Kanban sizes periodically based upon customer demand information and inventory levels.

We can also use tangible signals for Kanbans, directly integrated into the customer’s production process. Our approach is to work with customers to develop a solution that is compatible with real life variation, not just a calculated solution. We help our customers meet their customers’ stringent OTD requirements while controlling and minimizing inventory cost.

As a contract manufacturer, the products we make every day change. Our manufacturing system produces data regarding daily shop load as well as longer-term capacity planning.

We work with our material vendors where feasible to work off of Consignment Inventory – By having a wide variety of raw materials on site we have great flexibility. We can react to our customer forecast changes immediately. No lead time for raw or long transit times.

Reusable/Custom Packaging – Understanding how parts are used by our customers helps to integrate our parts directly to point of use. They could be rolling racks, partitioned crates, custom Kanban boxes. We can deliver parts to point of use, in the required quantities, with packaging that is reusable and green.

Kanban Sizing – Our extensive knowledge of lean manufacturing can help customers get started. We can help size and develop customer Kanban programs. By understanding lead times, size requirements, turns and inventory goals we can help you get started.

We have worked with customers to significantly improve the efficiency of the packaging approach and consequently reduced costs.

  • We provide packaging that is Kanban driven
  • And packaging that goes directly to the end user.