Experienced Mentors that will share their experience

“One of the things I enjoy about being a Model Maker at Tier ONE is taking an idea and making it reality. To produce the best product, you need a team that is willing to share their thoughts and are open to input. Being a mentor is very similar, you are taking someone’s career aspirations and trying to turn them into reality. To get the best product it is a group effort. Their questions make you think and, although I am there to guide the apprentices, their test of my knowledge helps keep me sharp as well. It feels good to give back to the profession I have enjoyed for so many years.”-J.L.

Apprentice Program

“The thing I enjoy most about the Apprentice program at Tier ONE is the chance to work in all areas within the shop (Milling, Lathe, Mill Turn, Swiss, Model Shop, Assembly, etc….). The mentors, and general willingness of all to help and to share knowledge, have created a true learning environment and make it an enjoyable place to work.”-A.D.

Already experienced but desire to keep learning

“I find working as the Maintenance Mechanic at Tier ONE rewarding primarily due to the trust and respect they show for my views and opinions. I can prioritize my day for the most part, although priorities can change. We work together to construct the best solution. I also like the ‘together by choice’ aspect of Tier ONE. I work with a lot of different people and although personalities may vary greatly we are all here with the same objective at the end of the day.”-R.S.

Is the Tier ONE Experience right for you? We are not a fit for everyone.

When we founded the company over 15 years ago the culture of the organization was very important to us. Therefore we created the Tier ONE Experience (5 Key Principals we try to live by).

  • 1. Together by Choice – We spend too much time together to not get along with the people we work with. Employment should be a fit for both the employer and the employee.
  • 2. Being the Best – Looking for life long learners with a thirst for knowledge and an open mind. In order to maintain your competitiveness, you must actively improve your skills.
  • 3. Continuous Improvement – Always looking for a better way. Our employees are the key to our success, if we hold them back from sharing ideas then we have no chance.
  • 4. Walk the Talk – Accountability, making commitments and then keeping them. Taking personal responsibility for your work.
  • 5. Customer Peace of Mind – Customer focused environment.
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Career Opportunities

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Medical Care
Tier ONE currently offers a choice of three medical plans, including an HDHP (High Deductible Health Plan), a buy-up HDHP, and a PPO. Tier ONE pays 100% of the base HDHP plan and contributes additional dollars for employees to deposit into their HSA accounts.

Dental Care
Tier ONE offers a dental plan with Guardian. Tier ONE pays approximately 50% of the monthly premium.

Vision Care
Tier ONE offers a discount vision plan with Aetna EyeMed.

Life Insurance and Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance
Tier ONE provides basic life and accidental death and dismemberment insurance equal to one year’s salary, at no cost to you.

Short Term Disability
Tier ONE provides, at no cost to you, income protection in the event you are unable to work due to a serious illness or accidental injury.

Long Term Disability
Tier ONE offers, at no cost to you, a Long Term Disability plan.

Flexible Spending Accounts
Flexible spending accounts allow you to use tax-free dollars to pay eligible health care and dependent care expenses that aren’t covered elsewhere. You can contribute up to the IRS maximum into the HSA and FSA in a calendar year.

Employee Assistance Program
Tier ONE provides this benefit at no cost to you. This includes child and elder care consulting and referral, legal service consultations and financial counseling.

Paid Time Off
Tier ONE accrues both Vacation and Personal days. After your initial 90 day evaluation period you will be eligible to accrue 1 day per full month worked through December of that year up to a maximum of 10 days. You will also be eligible for up to 4 Personal days each year. In addition, our policy provides that you will be eligible for one additional vacation day every year up to a maximum of 20 days in your 11th full year of employment.

Retirement Savings Plan 401(k)
You can contribute a percent of your earnings in voluntary retirement savings, on a pre-tax basis. A company match is also offered.

Pay For Performance
Your salary will be reviewed annually and assessed on both your accomplishment of goals, your performance, and the profitability of the company. You will be provided feedback and merit increases based on your overall contribution.

Profit Sharing
A percent of the company’s profitability will be shared with all associates, depending upon company EBITDA.

Education Assistance
Employee training and educational assistance will be evaluated on an individual basis (primarily based on the needs of the business).

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