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component assembly clinical analyzerWhen we started our business less than 15% of the parts we manufactured were assemblies, today over 87% of what we make has at least two components or more.

Customers appreciate that with Tier ONE assemblies:

  • There are fewer parts to manage
  • Improved cash flow seeing all parts arrive at the same time (no assembly time, correct quantities, no excess components)
  • Less items in incoming inspection
  • Improved quality – parts are tested at our facility
  • Single company responsible – single source means no need to manage quality/design issues and determine fault

Tier ONE can test your assemblies at all levels:

  • We do standard dimensional and functional testing
  • We also can do full operational testing
  • We are certified by many of our customers to do all testing and provide a finished assembly to their warehouse and ready for shipment to their end users

Going to assemblies changed our packaging requirements:

  • We can provide packaging that is Kanban driven
  • Or packaging that goes directly to the end user

Tier ONE has worked with customers to significantly improve the overall packaging approach and consequently reduced cost.

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